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Do you offer free class trials?

Yes! Your first class is free. We ask that you fill out the waiver online and then email us about which classes you might want to attend. From there we can get you scheduled for your trial class!


What should I wear to class?

This depends on the type of class you are attending!

Aerial classes: We recommend comfortable and tight workout pants or leggings. that cover the back of your knees and a shirt that you can tuck in to cover your stomach and protect from burns. 

* Please note that no jewelry is allowed on the equipment. Please remove it before class!

Hair long enough to go in a ponytail should be worn up to keep it out of your face.

Pole classes: Tight fitting shorts are recommended with a tight t-shirt or sports bra. Bring layers to warm up in!

Tumbling classes: Leggings, shorts, or sweats with a tight-fitting athletic top.

Cheer classes: Leggings, shorts, or sweats with a tight-fitting athletic top. Tennis shoes with arch support. Cheer shoes should only be worn in the gym.

What else should I bring to class?

We recommend bringing a water bottle to class.

Am I too big? Too old? Too inflexible? Too out of shape?

Nope! Our gym welcomes everyone regardless of experience or fitness level, We truly believe that everyone can enjoy Cirque, Tumble, Cheer.

Will it hurt?

It can! The type of discomfort you experience varies based on class type.

Aerial and pole: You may get blisters, burns, bruises, and sore muscles. This is part of the process. 

Cheerleading and tumbling: You may get sore muscles, rug burns, bruises, etc.

This is not a complete list, but these are frequent mild injuries.

Will there be paperwork I need to fill out?

You will be asked to complete an online waiver. You can fill it out ahead of time here!

What should I do if I am running late?

It is important to be on time to class! Our classes begin with a warm up, so if you miss the first 10 minutes you will not be properly warmed up which means you likely will not be able to join. We do not offer refunds for late students.

At what age do adult classes start?

Adult classes are for students 12 years and older. Teens classes are for ages 12-18. Kids classes are for ages 5-12. Cheer classes go to age 18.

Are friends or family allowed on the gym floor?

No, but we do have a viewing area if they would like to watch.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cannot attend a class you must cancel 24 hours in advance or you will still be charged for that class.

What is your registration cutoff policy?

Registration cutoff is 24 hours prior to the class. If there is no one registered at that time, the class will be canceled. If you don't register and you want to try to drop in, you can be added if the class is still happening and there is room in the class. You can always call us to check if you are able to register after the 24 hour window! Classes are capped at 6 participants.

How do class payments and class contracts work?

Most of our classes are on monthly contracts. Our monthly contracts include 1 class per week. You must attend the same class at the same time each week. (If there are 5 weeks in a month, the 5th week is free!). Contracts auto renew on the 1st of every month. Canceling contracts 1 week before the renewal date will ensure you are not charged for the next month.

We also offer drop ins for most of our classes. Prices vary based on class type. 

How much do classes cost?

Prices vary based on class type. You can find pricing information on our program pages: aerial/cirque, tumbling, cheer.


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