We are so glad you are choosing to be part of our Cirque, Tumble, and Cheer Community. We have compiled some FAQ's that will help you to feel comfortable and know what to expect when you attend CTC.


Q: What should I wear?

A: For Aerial, Women/Girls will want to wear comfortable workout pants or leggings that cover the back of your knees. Sports bras, a t-shirt that can be tucked in or a leotard will protect you midsection from burns.

Men: Comfortable workout pants or leggings and a tight fitting tshirt.

You will be hanging upside down. No jeans or jewelry are allowed on the equipment.


A:For Pole:

Women: Stretchy shorts with a close fitting tank top or t-shirt is recommended with layers to warm up in.

Men: Tight fitting shorts.


Q: What else should I bring?

A: Please bring a water bottle and a positive attitude!


Q: Am I too big? Too old? Too inflexible? Too out of shape?

A: NO to all of these questions. We truly feel that it is for everyone! We have had students of all shapes, ages, flexibility, fitness, and everything else. It is for EVERYONE! You will not be made to feel embarrassed, we all had to start sometime.


Q: Will it hurt?

A:Aerial and Pole are hard. Everyone struggles at first. You can expect to get blisters, burns, bruises, and sore muscles. This is part of the process. The rewards however are great. It is a wonderful form of exercise. It is fun and your progress is very easy to measure.


Q: Will there be paperwork I need to fill out?

A: Yes. The paperwork can be filled out online prior to coming to class. If you haven't done this, then plan on arriving to class early.


Q:What if I am running late?

A: If you are later than 10 minutes to class you will not be able to join. Proper warm up and stretching is incredibly important to prevent injury.


Q: What is the age cut-off for Kids and Adults classes?

A: Adult classes are for students 12 years and older with instructor approval. Kids classes are for students 5-14. All children need to be signed in and out by an adult.


Q: When do class packs expire?

A: Class packs expire 5 weeks from the date they are first used. They are non-refundable, non transferable and non-shareable other than within one's immediate family. Please make sure to choose the class pack based on how many classes you believe you will actually be able to do. They are a savings, but only if they are all used.


Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: If you cannot attend a class you must cancel 24 hours in advance or you will still be charged for that class.


Q: What is the registration cutoff policy?

A: Registration cutoff is at 24 hours prior to the class. If there is no one registered the class will be canceled. If you don't register and you want to try to drop in you can be added if the class is still happening and their is room in the class. Classes are capped at 6. No exceptions.


Q: Are friends or family allowed on the floor?

A: No, however they can watch from the viewing area.


At CTC we value each of our students and want you to feel comfortable and safe. We value your physical safety as well as your mental safety. We welcome you as you are and love you for what makes you unique. We hope you join our CTC family!